Dry Cleaning Item

Hanger for dry clean

Hanger For Dry Clean

Hanger For Dry Clean

1. Product Description: 

Hanger size: 16inch,40cm / 18inch 45cm

Hanger Diameter: 1.9mm 14.5guage / 2.3mm 13guage

Hanger color : white Blue Golden

Hanger use : Laundry  Home  Supermarket

Hanger package: 500 pcs per carton

Carton size : 38*33*21cm

Hanger weigth : 21g per pcs  10.7kgs per carton

Loading capacity : 1150 cartons /20ft container

Production capacity: 1100 cartons per box

Hanger material: low carbon steel + powder coating

Our Dry Cleaner Hangers cater to a wide range of customers, including professionals in the laundry and dry cleaning industry, retail store owners, and individuals seeking high-quality hangers for personal use. They excel in providing durability, convenience, and a polished touch to your clothing organization.

    1.Industry Standard: These hangers have become the go-to choice for laundry and dry cleaning services due to their consistent quality and performance. They meet the standards set by the industry and are trusted by professionals in the field.

   2.Different Sizes and Colors: The hangers are available in various sizes to accommodate different garment lengths and sizes. Additionally, they come in a range of standard colors, including white, yellow, orange, red, violet, blue, green, and black. For larger orders, it may be possible to request custom colors.

   3.Non-Marking Hook: The hangers have a non-powder-coated hook, ensuring that they are suitable for conveyor belts and provide a consistent sliding surface. This feature prevents any marks or stains on the garments.

   4.Stable and Consistent Appearance: These hangers are designed with stability in mind. They are capable of supporting the weight of garments without bending or warping, ensuring a consistent and neat appearance for your clothes.

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 Hanger For Dry Clean
Dry Cleaner Hanger
Hanger for dry clean
Hanger for dry clean

Hanger for dry clean

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