Dry Cleaning Item

Galvanized Steel Wire Hangers

Galvanized Thickness 2.2mm Steel Wire Hangers

1. Product Description: 

Clothing Type Round Steel Hanger
Style Suit Hanger
Material Steel Material High Intensity Q195/235
Feature One-off / Eco-friendly
Use Laundry / Home / Supermarket
Suitable Suit / Shirt / Coat / Pants
Size 16" / 18" / Customization
Thickness 1.9mm / 2.1mm / 2.2mm / 2.3mm / 2.5mm / Customization
Colour Silver / Customization
Packing 500pcs/ctn or Customization
Payment T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, Paypal
MOQ 500ctns

All Metal Clothes Hangers are made of super premium stainless steel, which is proved to be sturdy and won’t get deformed like other metal or wire hangers after hanging heavy clothing for a long time.

Super Sturdy Thicker Hook

Specially designing thicker stainless steel hooks to make the hanger more durable.

Premium Cut Notched Shoulders

The convenient notches are optional,they allow the hangers to be perfect for hanging women’s undergarments such as bras, nightgowns, and camisoles.

 2. What is What is a good quality Metal Clothes hanger ?

1. The diameter and weight must meet customer requirements. During the drawing process, our comprehensive measuring tools can ensure that the wire diameter error is controlled within 0.03mm.

2. The color of the drying rack must be bright, there must be no mottled or faded, and it must be sprayed evenly.

3. The number of hangers meets customer requirements.No shortage for each box.

4. The packaging , We use high quality cardboard boxes, so customers sometimes stack more than 6 layers and the cardboard boxes are not damaged at all.

 3. How to make a prefect Metal Clothes Hanger?

1. thanks to our Metal Clothes Hanger forming machines, each of our Metal Clothes Hanger has the same shape and length. It is very import for the further powder coating process.

2. We spray every Metal Clothes Hanger with environmentally friendly paint,Because of the proper spacing between each hanger, the finished products of our hangers are rarely stuck together and each part of the hanger is sprayed well.

4. Our Advantage:

1.With skilled production team, good management.

2.Good material,good quality.

3.100% quality guarantee.

4.Fast delivery,more loading.

5.OEM designs available.

5. Sminilar Products

6. Product Pictures:

Galvanized Steel Wire Hangers

Custom Wholesale Supermarket Galvanized Steel Wire Hangers

Supermarket Galvanized Thickness 2.2mm Steel Wire Hangers

Round Steel Hanger

7. Services:


To meet the high demands of the international guests, ROBIN INDUSTRY improve more product line of shoe repair & footwear,and all products are reasonalbe in price, ROBIN INDUSTRY provide more diversified services, it had help customers to save more time, and full win the trust of customers.

ROBIN INDUSTRY provide professional Technique with attractive price, so we won the trust and praise of many wholesalers & dealer from all around the world.


We welcome your OEM order. We have OEM customer with products being sold in USA, UK, Canada, Poland, Mexico,Saudi Arabia, Australia, South Africa, Nigeria,Singapore, Kuwait, Sri Lanka,Oman,Cameroom and etc, . The OEM service we provide will suit all different type of needs the customer has. 

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